Netco Exim Pvt Ltd company incorporated in the year 2012 ,started our business as importers and exporters of electronic goods. We expanded our business in2015 for high performance energy efficient products like LED’s and sensors . Being registered under MSME category ,extended our production line to introduce multiple lighting products to meet the requirements of customer through out Kerala. We are crossing our milestones by holding the mantra of quality, service, compatibility, and creativity. We have Satisfied customers from various zones of Private and Public sectors across INDIA.

Our Vision

LED chip innovation in lighting industry opens wide market for the migration of traditional fluorescent tubes, CFL lights etc. The cost, compatibility, quality and service in adopting the technology are major challenges for the migration of traditional lighting concepts. Netco Exim is continuously developing solutions for challenges in lighting concepts

Our Mission

A Team of research engineers are studying technical lighting solutions that are fully customized to meet your project requirements. Cutting edge know- how in LED technology guarantees quality, sustainability, and efficiency in any situation. A group of professionals were organized into a flexible network of technologies and skills, capable of dealing with each step of the process to create products for all demand.

Our Specialty

Our special designs in LED lights overcomes the major challenges of lighting cost, quality, compatibility and creativity. (LM80, CE, ISO, Photo biological Test, ROHS certification, highest lumen/watt ie,140 lum/watts, which is twice better than any other traditional lights . For LED drives certification has been assured for 4.4 KVsurge protection,Over voltage and over current protections ).

Conversion on existing MH,FTL,CFL luminaires in cost effective manner .

Custom and conventional Design of any LED  compatible Light models.

High quality LED chips from Edison Opto Corporation.. Taiwan, Cree and Citizen.

Our design experience in heat management, quality in research and testing.