Conventional LED Projects

The luminance outcome from LED light is twice better than existing light. Heat released by light will be reduced by 62 %, hence A C load can be reduced. Global warming and Green Energy concept is widely accepted in the world. No mercury content and Easy disposal /Reuse Less maintenance and long life of LED (50000 hrs) compared to FL,FTL(3000 hrs) .LED make of Edison Opto Corporation (Taiwan) with LM 80 certification.

*No reduction in lumens after 6000 burning hours; manufactured and assembled in INDIA.

Retrofit LED Light​

LED Retrofit on existing fixture makes the project 30 % more economical than NEW LED light fixture cost, Beauty, free of cost erection and 2 years warranty. Maintain the aesthetics of lighting without any deformation or cutting of ceiling and zero wastage. LED light design and conversion on any complex luminaire models in various colours (cool, warm, RGB) ,….especially for banks, corporate offices etc. with minimum cost of labour,reuse of meterials. No ceiling cutting or deformation or debris from such projects. Our Design team is specialized in any complex designs compatible to any frame structures